Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mail call & getting to know some of my pets

Today was only one thing and it was my Jolly Time win:

 Here is a Rosie our tarantula. She is a sweetheart.

Here is Cookie our California King snake.
 A Close up pic
 This is Romeo. He is a 7ft Gopher snake
 Here is our emperor scorpion.
 Lucy my dwarf hamster who turn just as I was taking a pic lol

 Here is her sweet face.
 These are two of my friends pet rats that I am watching. She saved them from being snake food.
 This pic is of two ball pythons that are currently breeding so it isn't the best pic of them. There names are Bo & Boo. 
 My sweet husky Gemini or Gemmie for short. She closed her beautiful blue eyes as I snapped the pic. 
There she is with those ice blue eyes.

This was only a few of my many pets. Will post more pics later.



  1. Speechless. I am frighten around those pets. Lol

  2. Your pup is beautiful!! Thanks for following me from Social Parade and I am now following you back.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Gemmie is so pretty. But you can kill that spider, yuck.

  4. What an absolutely beautiful dog Gemmie is!
    I can't wait to live in a bigger place and go shopping at the animal shelter!

  5. The dog & hamster I like but not being mean but I have a fear of the others.

  6. I am amazed at all your different pets. The pythons and Gemmie are beautiful