Monday, February 20, 2012

I think I want a recliner

The last few weeks I have been telling my wonderful hubby that I would like a recliner for my office since my chair was broke, very old  and falling apart. I thought I would look on Craigs list or second hand stores for one. Well today I woke up to a wonderful surprise. My hubby bought me a new recliner and I was thinking how could he afford to do this? Well the hubby sold a few things he had sitting around and worked on a few cars to get the money. Now for the recliner. I was thinking of getting a simple regular recliner. You know the chair that everyone seems to have in their home. Well hubby must of missed me saying that part because he bought the Cadillac of recliners. I have never seen a recliner like this before! I was shocked by the size of this chair but it gets better. The chair reclines all the way flat which I did not know until hubby pulled the foot part out and sent me falling back wards with a scream. This chair fits both hubby and I in it but that's not why he got it. He bought it so I would have room for all the cats to lay while I am on my lap top. How sweet is that? Now that I have been sitting in my new comfy chair for a few hours I can say I love it. I can sit straight, cross ways, straight up or laying back. Plus my cats can lay all sprawled out too. I love my wonderful hubby!

  I told you this chair was huge!

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  1. How sweet! The recliner looks wonderful - comfy and big! That's how I like my furniture. I want to be comfortable and relax in them. It looks like your husband picked you out a good one. Hope you are still enjoying it! I'm sure your cats do! :)