Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mail Call 2/18

I have a few days to post since I was to busy to do it this week.
On 2/17 I got ciggy coupons for hubby, Chew Coupons (I'll sell those on eBay). Hubby got a win from the Coors Light-Text and Score Sweepstakes. He won a $10 pre paid Master Card. I also got a win! I got my Pedestal Pets win from Burning Moon's Inside Advice.

                     Deal Dishin Momma

I also got my win from Deal Dishin' Momma.
My win was a 3 bar soap set from YesterYear Soap. I love this soap!
On 2/18 I got a bunch more Ciggy coupons for hubby & Snus coupons (I'll sell those on eBay) , A sample of Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance and I got my free coupon for Prevacid 24hr.
That was my mail for the last few day. What did you get in the mail?

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