Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My cute pets 2/6

 My cat Ghost was sleeping on my lap when my son asked me to watch his Hamster while he change it's cage.
 Hammy loved Ghost the first second she smelled her. Hammy started cleaning Ghost and it was cute to watch. Ghost was purring so loud.
Hammy then started chattering and was getting mad if we got anywhere near Ghost. My cat just laid there sleeping without a care in the world. This was so cute. Who would of thought a hamster would fall in love with a cat lol


  1. Wow, what strikingly handsome pets you have!
    That is adorable!!

  2. omg! that is the cutest thing ever! and Ghost is soooo pretty

  3. I would never have thought that a cat and hamster would get along so well. Such cute photos.!