Monday, April 9, 2012

My Easter with pictures

My Easter was fantastic. I went to my mom's house and have a great day. I love taking pictures so I thought I would share with you.
These are sugar cookies my mom made. They are so cute!
My mom got us Easter baskets. My son Alex got a bath basket and hubby and I got the baking dish with goodies. My mom even got my cats Pounce cat treats. How sweet is she.
The full dinner table. We had ham, scalped potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffed mushrooms,
baked beans, asparagus, stuffed black olives, cream corn casserole and dinner rolls.
Hubby and I after dinner walking it off lol
Another pic this time out of the sun.
My son Alex & I
My mom & I
My Iris in bloom
The tree in my front yard
The hubby getting back from taking a ride.

How was your Easter?

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