Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snake on the loose!!!!

I got woke up today by my son flipping out because a snake got out of his cage. Hypo is our escape artist. When Hypo was 6 months old he got out and we lost him for 2 months. My husband then found him one day in his garage. Today Hypo got out because the cage lid was left open a tiny bit from when my son change the water. A day in the life of me at my house lol.
Hypo on my lamp.


  1. We have a female iguana that is also an escape artist lol

  2. We have a Florida Kingsnake... Angel and she hasn't ever gotten out. I made my hubby buy 4 of the locks to make it a locking lid. (He had a snake before and it escaped... for months I would freak at every lil thing thinking it was the snake... haha)

  3. OMG, crack me up! At least you found him this time, I can't imagine having to check my bed for two months looking for a loose snake! Thanks for the laugh!