Saturday, May 5, 2012

Befor & After the biopsy

So on Thursday I had two different biopsy's done. The first one was on my boob that my doctor wanted done and the whole reason I went in. While there the doctor noticed a mole on my shoulder and did not like  the way it looked and removed it to send it in. Yesterday my boob hurt really bad and now my shoulder is the one throbbing with pain.
This is what the mole looked like and I never gave it a second looked. I really didn't think it was anything but a mole.
This is what it looks like now after being removed and the skin cauterized. I can't get over how big the hole is where the mole was. Now I have pics of my boob but I don't feel it is anything to post. 
Now I just have to wait about two weeks for the test results to come back.
Thanks for letting me share with you.

Also thanks to all who sent me emails and Facebook well messages.   


  1. Ugh. I've got several moles that look like that. Guess I need to get them checked out. Hope everything comes out good.

  2. I hope everything turns out well for you. Try not to worry about things and enjoy your weekend.

  3. good luck! It's red, is it infected? May need some prescription antibiotic cream. I had to get some once. I've had hundreds of places "burned" off by dermatologist over the years. Last year they found a freckle on my face was really cancer. It is under the skin cancer, not the usual kind. I had 3 surgeries, slit my face from corner of eye down about 4 inches, because the biopsies kept coming back positive for cancer even though the surgeon couldn't see anything. And the last time I got a hematoma and I had to go right back and have it reopened and cauterized. Twenty something shots because I could not be given the Twilight again. A year ago this April. I hope you are OK. My sister had a lumpectomy a few years ago. We went to Relay for Life last night to celebrate her survival. She was lucky that she found the lump herself. Skin cancer signs to watch for ABC-asymmetrical, borders uneven, and color change.

  4. Wishing you the very BEST results! Thanks for posting the photo so others are aware!

  5. Angie Kissel WeightmanMay 5, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    I just had a double mastectomy last Friday so I am also feeling the pain. Luckily, my lymph nodes were clear but I may still need chemo because of the size of the tumor. You really don't want to see my photos either ha ha. Reconstruction has already begun so pain will be my friend for a while.