Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mail call May 21, 23, 24

I got 2 reviews, free sample of Gevalia coffee & coupon and A win from the "Dizzy Dance Party Sweepstakes". I won the First Prize which was a 2-pack of Dizzy Dance Champs.
I got 10 sample packs of Lipton tea & honey from Klout perks
Can we say jackpot with packages in the mail!
This is what was in the packages. I got a book to review, a picture puzzle for a review, Ageless perfume from being a top promoter in the Ageless giveaway hosted by NaturalHairLatina which came with a T-shirt and another perfume sample.
I also got my win from the Royal Canin Treatment Sweepstakes which is a Bags on Board Bone Dispenser with 30 Refill Bags. Its in the shape of a dog bone.

~*~ What did you get in the mail? ~*~

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  1. WOOHoo! Thanks for the shout out and being such a great event helper!
    I received Klout Perk for Lipton
    Klout Perk 4 cans of Red Bull
    Box of goodies for Jaws review
    #PlantATweet 10 dollar GC