Friday, June 1, 2012

Mail Call 5/31

Well I have to say this was the heaviest win I have ever received lol I got my safe win that I won back in April. I thought I won the SentrySafe Fire-Chest but as you can see I got the SentrySafe Combination Big Bolt Fire-Safe. I had to laugh when I saw the UPS guy carrying this up the driveway because we always joke with each over my packages and I thought he was joking when he said this will kill my back. Well I went and grab the box thinking it was light and almost ripped my finger nails off because this sucker is heavy. Just my luck it was starting to rain so I rolled the box into the house and left it by the door until my hubby got home to move it further. I also got a 4 pack of red bull & a $10 visa card from Klout perks. This is a mail day for the books lol

What did you get in the mail today?

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  1. Wow and congrats! Can you imagine the shipping on that safe?! I don't have the mail for today but yesterday I received our tax information and a jewelry catalog. Fun and scary.