Sunday, June 10, 2012

Please follow giveaway directions!

 (Star Gazer Lily from my flower bed)

I posted this on my Facebook but thought it was worth posting on my blog too. Please make sure you are filling out all the info on the RC. I had to re pick winners on 3 past giveaways because the extra info that tells me how you did an entry was not filled out. I don't have the time to sift thru 5,000 plus entries on a bunch of different blogs to see if you completed the entry. That is why it is asked of you to fill it out. Thanks. I hate to bypass a person because they didn't fill something out but that is why it is asked you do so. I being a person who enters giveaways too has to follow all the rules and being on both sides of a giveaway now understands why it is asked that the info is filled out. I want to make sure no one is missing out on a win. So please make sure you complete all the steps in an entry. Thanks a bunch and I hope you are my next winner!!!


  1. I have a question. I always fill them out if they ask for information. If they are blank, I don't do anything because it doesn't ask me to do anything other than to perform the function.

    So if it doesn't say to type your name in the box below, then I don't. Should I be doing that stuff anyway? I am still new to these things.


  2. I'm with you Kendall if the box is there but there is no instruction above it I leave it blank.

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