Sunday, July 22, 2012

"Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man" by Nayef Al-Rodhan Book Review

Sustainable History and the Dignity of Man is a new philosophy of history. This volume outlines how sustainable history is propelled by good governance, which balances the tension between the attributes of human nature - emotionality, amorality and egoisms - and human dignity needs, such as reason, security, human rights, accountability, transparency, justice, opportunity, innovation and inclusiveness. The author proposes minimum criteria for good governance that are sensitive to local cultures and histories but meet certain common global values to ensure maximum and sustainable moral and political cooperation. Using an ocean model of a single collective human civilisation, the author argues that we should think in terms of a common human story that is comprised of multiple geo-cultural domains and sub-cultures with a history of mutual borrowing and synergies. The author argues that, today, all geo-cultural domains must succeed if humanity as a whole is to triumph. This collective triumph will also depend on reason and a recognition that a great deal of knowledge is indeterminate and may be temporally, spatially and perhaps culturally constrained, as is outlined in the author's new theory of knowledge: "Neuro-rational Physicalism".

My Take:
From your first look at the book you feel intimidated because this book is huge. The book does an introduction and a follow up on the book "Emotional and Amoral Egoism" then opens up to a whole new & different take. This author really opens your mind up and makes you think. I would of never thought about the theories that he has. I do like that he does show facts to back up why he thinks like he does. Again like I have said before I would of never thought of reading a book like this but I am glad I did.

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