Thursday, October 11, 2012

Candy Galaxy - Pink candy Review

Candy Galaxy is an online candy store that is passionate about bringing you the candy that you love. We have an expansive candy selection all the way from Milky Way’s to Mars. Our candy team is dedicated to sugary goodness and bringing smiles to our customers’ faces. We specialize in candy for bulk occasions, corporate gifts, event planning, parties, holidays, baby showers, and weddings. Our 45,000 square feet candy warehouse is stocked high with fun, affordable and quality sweet treats.
Sweet's Taffy is the leader in the candy world because it is soft, non-sticky and full of flavor. Sweet's Taffy comes in a number of colors and flavors to choose from, giving you an assortment of ways to use and enjoy the candy.
Sixlets are the perfect bulk candy for candy buffets, themed events, weddings, parties, and baking. Sixlets' small, unique shape and flavor make it like no other.
I had a chance to review the Pink Sixlets & Sweets Salt Water Taffy in Strawberry. I like how the candy was packed with a freezer pack so that the Sixlets never had a chance to melt. I really liked the taffy and had a hard time sharing it lol. The Sixlets were my son's fav and one of our friends Andy was sneaking some every time he stopped by. My uncle Steve loved the taffy and said it reminded him of when he was a kid buying taffy at the corner store.
My uncle Steve eating the taffy.
Andy with Sixlets

 I love doing reviews and as you can see I share with everyone. I like when I can get others thoughts on my reviews so I can give their opinions on the item in review too.

Disclaimer: I got the Pink Sixlets & Sweets Salt Water Taffy in Strawberry free to do this product review and was not paid for my response.

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  1. both sound great! my kids will love them! sixlets were my mothers fave!