Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The crazy things cats do

I came home and found our cat Honey laying on my new blanket and started laughing. I took a pic a wanted to share it with you. Do you find it funny too?

 This past weekend I was at my mom's house putting up her tree and after we finished her cat Tazz laid under the tree and I wanted a picture and this is what I got:
 This was a perfect timing picture as my mom's tree spins lol
 This is the picture I was going for. I have to say these pictures we from the last 2 days. The cats in my life do bring me lots of joy.

My cat Ghost got all lovey and happy because I was sitting on the floor. I was putting the tree skirt under my Christmas tree when I noticed Ghost so I grabbed my camera and the video shows how cute she was being.


  1. Animals can already be silly, then, you throw in the craziness of the holidays and you have an America's Home Video waiting to happen! Thanks for sharing your cat's funniness with us!

  2. Awww your cat Honey is soooo cute I want her!!!! lol

  3. Super cute. And I love the video.
    My mom got a cat a few months ago, so it's her first year with a cat and Christmas tree. It's been interesting.

  4. Your Cat pictures are so cute. I like the cat picture under the tree especially!

  5. Enjoy Ghost loving his rug. Seems very comfortable!

  6. The photo of Honey is so funny!

  7. This is soooo funny! If it were my husband, he'd say that he wouldn't use the blanket because it has cat-butt on it...lol
    way tooo funny. You couldn't have staged that!
    I also liked Ghost rolling and scratching around on the carpet/rug. (loved your little kitty-talk) ha

  8. Thanks for the laugh! That is a funny picture!